Baroan Technologies Becomes Microsoft CIE Qualified Partner

Always been curious about the cloud, but never had the chance to test drive it? Interested in Office 365, but not sure how it would fit into your employees' processes? The Baroan Customer Immersion Experience (CIE, formerly known as Microsoft Experience Center or MEC) is here.

There are less than 800 certified Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience qualified partners in the US, and Baroan Technologies is now among this elite group. Baroan has achieved CIE Qualified Partner status and Guy Baroan received the CIE Facilitator certification after completing Microsoft's intensive training program.

What does this mean for businesses in the area, and Baroan's clients?

A complete, hands-on Office 365 experience. Instead of showing you a PowerPoint or watching a demo, each attendee will get to test drive Microsoft's cloud solution, Office 365, as an actual user and interact with their fellow attendees using multiple aspects of the software. Send emails, chat on Skype for Business, and create documents - gain experience while seeing how Office 365 would fit into and change your workday.

Been curious about that new Microsoft Surface? You can try the Surface out here, too! Microsoft provides Baroan with a variety of its latest products so you can get the feel for Office 365 on multiple devices.

As the CIE facilitator, Guy will uncover the most pressing and frustrating needs of the attendees, then guide them through the uses of Office 365 that would address those needs.

Where is the CIE?

Wherever you want it to be! For example, Guy can come to your office for a lunch and learn, or we can reserve the Microsoft offices in NJ or NYC. Baroan will also be holding CIE events in the future.

Baroan Technologies is very excited to be able to offer this Office 365 experience to both our clients and prospects. Becoming a CIE Qualified Partner has really taken our cloud education offerings to the next level and allows us to more fully address the challenges business owners and managers face as they evaluate migrating their important business processes to the cloud.

Call us today to schedule your CIE - 201-796-0404!

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