Big Apple Cares Raises $64,000 for the St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital:

October 25, 2017:

St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Paterson, NJ was this year’s recipient of the Big Apple Cares annual charitable gala proceeds. When the night was over, the total amount raised was $64,000.

St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital is a state designated specialized children’s hospital at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center provides advanced care for children from birth to 21-years-of-age. One of the first pediatric hospitals designated by the State, St. Joseph’s offers a full spectrum of specialty and subspecialty services including Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Units, a dedicated Pediatric Emergency Room as well as the Regional Craniofacial Center, Center for Feeding and Swallowing Disorders, Concussion Center, Cystic Fibrosis Center and global telemedicine conferencing programs. Children’s Hospital services are conveniently available in Clifton, Fair Lawn, Hoboken, Paramus, Paterson and Wayne

The Big Apple Cares initiative was started by the Ingram Micro’s Trust X Alliance, Big Apple Chapter. The Trust X Alliance is an invite only best of the best collection of technology organization across the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom and Brazil. These organizations gain exclusive access to industry leaders such as Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Dell and others as well as the opportunity to share best practice among one another. The total purchasing power of the 350 companies that make up the Trust X Alliance community is near $2 Billion. The community is broken up into chapters and the Big Apple Chapter is made up of approximately 40 companies in the New York and NJ Metropolitan area. The Big Apple Cares was started to give back to the community through donations brought together from the group as well as some of the vendors they work with. This is the 7th year of giving that have been expanded every year to out due the one before. Earlier donations included complete technology make overs for charitable businesses in need, the last three years have been more focused on picking one organization and putting together a larger venue to bring more attention and assistance to that one organization. The effort put together by all the companies in the group is nothing less of spectacular. It is amazing to see how many generous people are out there willing to help others.

Below is a picture of some of our Baroan Technologies team members and their significant others at this year’s event which was a masquerade party.


Baroan Partners With Microsoft Dynamics Experts QuantaCRM

QuantaCRM, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner headquartered in Chicago, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Baroan Technologies, which will enable Baroan to help its customers become more profitable through the effective use of Dynamic CRM Online.

The partnership with QuantaCRM expands Baroan's already impressive array of IT services and benefits the companies Baroan works with by providing a new service which helps them get up and running as quickly as possible on CRM then engaging with them over the long-term to ensure success through the OnTrack CRM Adoption System.

OnTrack is built around a proven methodology and consists of a calendar of activities, step-by-step instructions, videos, workbooks, worksheets, and additional materials – the product of hundreds of successful CRM implementations over the last ten years.

Contact Baroan to find out how you can achieve greater profitability and success with a proven, fixed-fee Dynamics CRM training, support and adoption service, which includes a money-back guarantee.


2016 Tax Season Email Scam

“A major phishing scheme has tricked several major companies - among them, the messaging service Snapchat and disk-drive maker Seagate Technology - into relinquishing tax documents that exposed their workers' incomes, addresses and Social Security numbers,” according to the Associated Press.

This latest scam sent emails to company payroll and personnel departments impersonating CEOs or other top officials, requesting employees’ W-2 tax forms. The data from these forms is primed for identity theft, including fake tax returns and fraudulent refunds.

This scam is so widespread that on March 1 the IRS sent a notice alerting employers' payroll departments. The IRS has seen a 400% increase in phishing and computer malware incidents this tax-filing season. Attacks like this are much more common during holidays and other annual events like tax season to take advantage of people's routines.

Seagate’s CFO, Dave Morton, admitted, "This mistake was caused by human error and lack of vigilance, and could have been prevented." This is a reminder that no amount of IT security can stop scammers from "social engineering," which we discussed in last year’s blog post about a wire transfer email scam. Social engineering is defined as the "psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information."

This is a very helpful guide to recognizing "Social Engineering Red Flags" from KnowBe4.com (view the PDF).


The most effective phishing emails use company logos and colors to enter your inbox undetected. However, there is always something slightly off, as the graphic above explains. You may not notice details like that on first glance, but closer examination will reveal the scam for what it is.

How can you avoid the scam?
  • The AP article argues, "Payroll and personnel specialists should be trained well enough to question why a CEO needs to see individual worker W-2s in the first place." Stu Sjouwerman, CEO of KnowBe4, explains, "It's a case of: 'Oh, the boss wants it', They stop thinking, 'Why would this be?'"
  • Setup your email so any outside emails are tagged as "[EXTERNAL]" in the subject (This can be done by Baroan or your network admin.)
  • Study the Social Engineering Red Flags!


Office 2016 0x80041015 Product Install System Error Message

We have been testing Windows 10 and Office 2016 since their release. This is one of the system error messages we've come across with Office Professional Plus 2016: "Sorry, we ran into a problem while trying to install the product key. If this keeps happening, you should try repairing your office product. (System error: 0x80041015)"

After uninstalling and re-installing, troubleshooting, and searching online for a solution, we spoke directly with Microsoft and received the following solution.
  1. Download and run this script to uninstall Office 2016.
  2. Reboot.
  3. Install Microsoft OneNote on its own using this link.
  4. After OneNote is installed, activate it.
  5. Install your Office Professional Plus 2016 software. (If you have Microsoft Office 365, go into the portal and download it from there.)
This should fix the system error. Microsoft is aware of this issue and are working to resolve it. For now this is the work around.


See Baroan's New Ergonomic Office Makeover

VP Dimitri Miaoulis now spends
90% of his day standing
We've all read the articles and statistics - sitting is bad. According to CNN, sitting for 8-12+ hours a day increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 90%. According to NPR, exercising won't even offset the harm of sitting at your desk all day - "These are independent variables — excess sitting and the presence or absence of exercise." So Baroan Technologies decided it was time to stand up.


Baroan Achieves Microsoft Silver Cloud Competencies

Baroan Technologies is proud to announce the renewal of our Microsoft Silver Competencies: Cloud Productivity, Midmarket Solution Provider, and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions. This places Baroan in the top 5% of all Microsoft partners worldwide.

Microsoft's Silver competencies represent consistent capability, expertise, and commitment. As "early adopters" of cloud solutions, Baroan Technologies has been providing
Office 365 since its inception. We have migrated over 100 businesses to this software.

How does Microsoft Silver Competencies benefit our clients?
“When customers look for an IT partner to meet their business challenges, choosing a company that has attained Microsoft competencies is a smart move. These are highly qualified professionals with access to Microsoft technical support and product teams,” said Phil Sorgen, VP or Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Group. Our clients benefit from our strong relationship with Microsoft and all that this vendor makes available to us due to our status.

Interested in cloud solutions? Give us a call at 201-796-0404 or sign up for a free Office 365 trial.


Why You Spend More Shopping for Less: Buying Tech Online

We all know that we can get great pricing on our own if we shop online long enough. What we all don't know is that many times this turns out to actually cost us more. Why is it not worth it to chase down that best deal?