Phishing Scam: "Looks like someone broke into your Facebook"

One of our help desk techs recently came across this scam when helping a client with an email issue. This email found in the inbox was the cause of the issue. It does not look like a typical phishing scam since it is written in a casual manner that makes it seem as if it was sent from an actual person. The email claims that your Facebook account has been hacked.

The subject is "Looks like someone broke into your facebook!" and the zip attachment is a virus. The body of the email can say a variety of things, as we found that some people received the message: "Hi there ______, What's with your facebook??? Very strange stuff on your profile page, I made a screenshot, see attachment. Is is you or someone stole your account??" (http://security.buffalo.edu/node/3555). The email sent to our client said, "Hi there _______________, Can you please stop spamming me with this BS? I get twenty emails like this from you per day, check attachment to see the stuff you send me."

If you receive an email like this, do not open it and definitely do not open the attachment.


  1. I haven't seen this one yet, but ugh! It sounds a lot like all those Twitter DMs going around with messages like "I can't believe what these people are saying about you" and then include a dangerous link that you definitely don't want to click. These seem so common that I'm almost afraid to click on any link with a shortened URL in a Twitter DM.

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