A Comprehensive Guide to Opening Your Office Back Up

Our Recommendations for Operating Post COVID-19 Lockdowns 

As lockdowns are lifting around the world, many businesses are starting to reopen their office to some degree. For many, remote work will continue to play an integral role as they aim to limit the number of individuals in the office at any given time. As we go forward, most businesses will embrace a hybrid approach: some employees in the office while others continue working from home. Unfortunately, a second wave is possible without adequate measures in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

Baroan Technologies has been working hard to help our clients adjust to the new normal since the beginning of the pandemic. We’ve assisted many organizations with transitioning to remote work, supported their team members once transitioned, and now, helping them understand how to handle the end of lockdowns. We’ve compiled a list of recommendations to help you open your office back up. 

Make Sure You Have the Right Communication Tools 

  1. Implement a VoIP business phone system that lets you make and receive calls from any device or location with access to your usual work line, extensions, and more. 

  2. Use a productivity suite, such as Microsoft 365, for access to all of your word processing, spreadsheet, and file sharing applications. 

  3. Take advantage of video conferencing software for collaborating with colleagues, partners, and customers. Microsoft Teams is a great choice. 

  4. Consider an e-fax solution that lets you send and receive faxes from any PC while you’re away from the office. 

Don’t Forget About Cybersecurity Measures

  1. Consider providing corporate-owned desktops and/or laptops for remote workers to use at home. 

  2. Install enterprise-grade security measures, such as antivirus software, firewalls, and spam filtering, for remote workers. 

  3. Be prepared with a VPN solution that can be used to create a secure, encrypted tunnel between the user and the network. 

  4. Keep your data and your server backed up to the cloud to prevent future disruptions from resulting in excessive downtime. 

Keep Health and Safety in Mind 

  1. Implement touchless systems wherever possible, including sinks, doors, hand soap, alarm systems, and more. 

  2. Provide health and safety equipment, including hand sanitizer and masks, for employees working in the office. 

  3. Be prepared to encourage COVID-19 antibody testing for employees that are feeling ill and/or come back to the office after being ill. 

Change Your Office Furniture Layout 

  1. Change seating orientation so employees aren’t facing one another while working at their desks. 

  2. Invest in high-quality screens and/or storage elements that reduce exposure to airborne particles. 

WB Wood is our furniture dealership of choice for equipment that helps you create a healthy, low-risk environment within your office. They have been researching and collaborating with many vendors to help local businesses update their floor plan models, and in many cases, procure the right equipment to stay safe. 

Need help preparing to open your office back up? Get in touch with us now. Call (201) 796-0404 to get started.


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