What To Look For In A Helpdesk Service

There's something very personal about finding the right help desk service. They're the ones you call in a crisis. They'll be in and out of your most critical assets. You need to make sure you can trust them. When interviewing different Managed Service Providers (MSP), look for these key points about their help desk services.

Find a help desk who knows what they're talking about

Having a help desk who knows what they're doing is equally as important as their ability to explain what they're doing for you, without all the tech jargon. Find an MSP who staffs all top-level techs. This may come at a bit higher cost, but the expertise provided is well worth the money. Issues get resolved quickly, there's no escalation, and there's less time that you waste on the phone with them. Knowing that your company is in the hands of competent, accurate techs is critical. 

Ask for specifics

Be sure to ask for specifics. Things like response time- if they have a long response time or have to escalate from level 1 up to level 3, your issue is going to be delayed quite a bit. Check after-hours availability. Not all companies work the same hours or work in the same time zone. Confirm that you will have support even when the MSP is not open. If physical hardware breaks or you move to a new building, make sure your help desk team will be there to smooth the process and fix any sudden issues with your environment.

Look for systems in place

If you're putting your company's tech environment in the hands of someone else, you want to know that they have things under control. Ask for what procedures, documentation, or systems they have in place to ensure a smooth and worry-free operation. If the help desk just wings it all the time, things are going to go haywire and you'll be left with constant headaches.

Notice if techs are friendly or not

Often overlooked, your help desk must be friendly. You don't want to feel like a burden every time there's an issue with your technology. Look for a team that is mindful of your schedule and who takes the time to explain the issues that you're having and what they're doing to fix them. 

In addition to other business-specific questions that you might need to be answered from a potential help desk, make sure to also think about these points to solidify your choice. There's nothing worse than signing a 2-year contract with a rude, hot mess of a help desk.

Help desk staff is a great asset in keeping your business secure from cyber attacks. To learn more about the state of data breaches, check out our whitepaper below: 


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