What is a Security Operations Center (SOC) and Why Does My Small Business Need One?

The cyber security landscape is rapidly evolving- the tech that kept you safe last year won't keep you safe this year. Firewalls and antivirus alone won't protect you from the incessant hacking attempts to your business. That's like having one bouncer stand in front of your business and 100 bigger bouncers trying to get in at all times. 

So how do you stop hundreds of bouncers-or hackers- from ramming in your businesses storefront? Dig a mote! For the bouncers at least. For the hackers (the real threat) the most effective solution is a Security Operations Center (SOC). a SOC is a centralized unit compromised of skilled people, processes, and technologies working together to deliver end to end security capabilities.  These include prevention, detection, and investigation of, and response to, cyber security threats and incidents.¹ That sounds complicated and expensive- an entire security unit monitoring your whole infrastructure for malicious content- and it is, BUT it doesn't have to be. 

Before we give you the secret to having a SOC and not going bankrupt in the process, lets touch on what a SOC provides you with. 

Real-Time Threat Detection and Response

The SOC includes all the human and machine intelligence needed to collect and analyze data in real time, detect threats, and remediate them. 

24/7 Monitoring of System Log Data and Network Traffic

Continuous monitoring ensures that malicious activity from either inside or outside is detected in real time. This enables teams to respond immediately and eliminate the damage.

A Comprehensive View of Your Company's Security Posture

A SOC integrates the data coming from you tools to provide a snapshot of your current security posture.

Threat Hunting and Investigation

The SOC staff proactively searches through your networks and data to identify threats that have evaded your perimeter controls and are hiding undetected on your network.

Having all of this security technology is within reach and budget with the help of Managed Service Providers. MSP's who manage a SOC for clients allows affordability and protection. With a managed SOC, you receive a Managed Detection and Response. It's the foundation of a managed SOC. Providers deliver outcome based services focused on proactive detection of advanced/targeted attacks that bypass your existing perimeter controls. The MDR capabilities are implemented to align with each customers exact security policies and operational requirements, eliminating the burden of having to determine the best device or method for security monitoring and response. 

If you already have a Managed Service Provider, ask if they offer Security Operation Center services, and if they don't, we would love the opportunity to show you how we can secure your business with our SOC services. 

Ask about our SOC services at 201-796-0404 or lbarnas@baroan.com

¹ Definitive Guide to SOC-as-a-service by Arctic Wolf Networks


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