How To Make Your Windows 10 Computer Look and Feel More Like Windows 7

Are you attached to your Windows 7 machine? Does the thought of upgrading your system to Windows 10 send chills down your spine? We get it, Windows 7 is familiar; it does its job without any flashy voice assistants or weird start menus. But your undying love for your computer may be putting you and your company at risk. As you may have heard, the timeline for support for 7 ends this coming January 2020. That means that after January, your computer will be left vulnerable to cyber attacks, failures and other maintenance tasks that won't be followed up with. 

BLOG: Why You Need To Upgrade Your Windows 7 Machine

There's some good news though! There are hacks and customization options that can bring back the warm fuzzy feeling you get about Windows 7, but on a secure, properly maintained Windows 10 machine! You can thank us later.

Love your list start menu? You can download the classic version to get that back.

Not a fan of Cortanta- Microsoft's version of Siri or Alexa? You can hide her here

Don't want to give up the color you added to your title bars? Go to Settings > Personalization  > Colors to get it in Windows 10

We know that change is hard, but in this climate, you can't afford to have a vulnerable computer. Do you really want to be the person who refused to upgrade, and then a hacker attacks your company through your computer? Upgrade to Windows 10 and follow these hacks and it'll be just like Windows 7!

When switching to a new computer, it's always important to have security in place. Check if your network is compromised with these 5 signs:


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