12 Cyber Readiness Strategies You Can Implement Today

With headlines full of cyberattacks and security breaches victims, it is time to take the risks seriously. The success and survival of your business will be determined by your ability to overcome security threats or breaches. You need a cyber readiness plan that includes elements of prevention, continuity and recovery strategies.

Establish Strict Policies and Procedures 
Policies and procedures regulate business operations and are essential for defining the standards and expectations of employee behavior and actions in the workplace. While establishing strict, security-focused protocols is essential, a system of validation and enforcement is equally important. After all, rules without consequences are merely suggestions.

Keep Updates -- Up to Date

While updates often introduce new or enhanced features into your apps, programs, and systems, they also install security and performance fixes known as patches. Undiscovered defects or flaws can leave your systems exposed. Hackers will exploit …

How to Avoid Data Breaches While Working From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way we work practically overnight, as many people are working from home for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, bad actors are taking advantage of these circumstances by increasing phishing attacks targeting home workers. Taking action now to secure your data and keep your staff alert about threats is the best way to protect your company’s data and systems from opportunistic cybercriminals.    According to a recent assessment, Italy saw a sharp spike in phishing scams as workers quickly shifted from in-office work to home-based arrangements. Around the globe, more than 40% of all workers are currently working from home, a significant jump even in just the past week. In addition to phishing scams, cybersecurity researchers identified a spike in malicious remote access attempts.   Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the jump in employees teleworking to mask their activity and gain access to company data. The US Department of Homeland Security r…

Is Your Business’s IT Ready for the Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus is spreading as fast as feared. Businesses must be ready for the worst. One priority? Protecting the health of employees. Preparing the way for remote working is one top recommendation. News of the virus, which the WHO is now calling COVID-19, has prompted urgent interest in remote work. Business collaboration software, virtual desktops, and private networks can all help. This tech helps business continue as usual, even with quarantined employees. We’ve already seen big business take major measures. These include: Nike temporarily closed its European headquarters when an employee was diagnosed with the virus. After the first death in Washington state in the U.S., the company also closed its world headquarters for a deep clean of its campus. Twitter told its roughly 4,900 employees to stay home to work. Other businesses are weighing up the options. Furloughs? Changes to sick leave? Or encouraging work from home. The last option appeals to most, but how do employees work remo…

7 Things You Can Do Right Now To Beef Up Your Cyber Security

Reports are flooding the news about statistics for cybersecurity and what attacks have increased in the past year. In a report from spam filtering service AppRiver, their Cyberthreat Index rates businesses as Very High, with 60% of businesses leaning towards a complete absence of cybersecurity confidence and readiness. Does your business fall in that 60%? If it does, read on to see what you can do RIGHT NOW to beef up security in 2020. 

1. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication across all available applications. This creates an extra layer of security for things like banking, email, and passwords to critical sites.

2. Create a cybersecurity outline for your business. It doesn't have to be fancy and in-depth right now, but even just to begin thinking about it is a step in the right direction. 

3. Check that your computers, laptops, routers, and all other devices connected to the internet are up to date and patched. Doing this prevents holes in your network that hackers can use to infiltra…

What To Look For In A Helpdesk Service

There's something very personal about finding the right help desk service. They're the ones you call in a crisis. They'll be in and out of your most critical assets. You need to make sure you can trust them. When interviewing different Managed Service Providers (MSP), look for these key points about their help desk services.
Find a help desk who knows what they're talking about
Having a help desk who knows what they're doing is equally as important as their ability to explain what they're doing for you, without all the tech jargon. Find an MSP who staffs all top-level techs. This may come at a bit higher cost, but the expertise provided is well worth the money. Issues get resolved quickly, there's no escalation, and there's less time that you waste on the phone with them. Knowing that your company is in the hands of competent, accurate techs is critical. 
Ask for specifics
Be sure to ask for specifics. Things like response time- if they have a long response…

How To Handle Coronavirus As A Small Business Owner

Hysteria is ensuing around the globe as Coronavirus is deemed a pandemic. We've seen this before with SARS, Swine Flu, Ebola, and Zika Virus, so why do we act like Coronavirus is the end of the world? 

Coronavirus is different in that you can become contagiousthen show symptoms, which poses a few problems. Despite what you hear on the news, you don't need to clean out the grocery store of their toilet paper, water, and canned goods and prepare for the end of times. However, you do need to take a couple precautions like washing your hands, covering your coughs and staying out of crowded spaces. 

As a business owner, you're in a unique situation as you're not only responsible for your own safety around the virus, but your employees as well. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about what to do.
Decide if you are keeping your doors open
Many large companies are turning to the ever-growing remote work option. If you have an office-centered company, consider switch…

Ransomware Attacks Are Driving Up Cyber Insurance Rates

Ransomware attacks were one of the defining cybersecurity threats of 2019, and just two months into 2020, it’s clear that bad actors will continue to deploy this malware to capitalize on their criminality. As companies grapple with the implications of this new reality, many are turning to cybersecurity insurance as a way to offset the cost and consequences of an attack. Unfortunately, ransomware attacks have become so common that cyber insurance rates have soared in response.

According to some reports, cybersecurity insurance has increased by as much as 25% in the past year. At the same time, insurance companies are expanding their offerings, adapting their business model for a shifting data security and regulatory landscape. However, companies relying on cyber insurance will likely be disappointed as payouts rarely cover the cost of an attack, and increasingly high premiums make it an affordable option to begin with.

Instead, many organizations would be better off investing in a robust…