How Will Windows 7 End-of-Life Affect Your Business?

How Will Windows 7 End of Life Affect Your Business? Post January 14, 2020, your business could be at risk. The computers you use at work could be vulnerable to ransomware attacks and data breaches. 60 percent of companies fold within six months of a cyber attack. You could possibly lose your customers and ultimately your business.
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How is Your Business at Risk? Using outdated versions of Windows can put your devices at risk.
Your business will no longer be secure If you continue using outdated systems, your computers will be at the mercy of cyberattacks and data breaches. Windows will operate, but you will stop receiving security updates. The cost of a data breach has risen 12 percent over the past 5 years and now costs $3.92 million on average. Imagine the havoc a cyberattack can create with an unsupported and unsecured version of Windows.
• You will risk losing customers Various industry regulations like PCI, HIPP…

What is a "Deepfake"

Deepfake is a term that's been rising to infamy over the past year or so, but it's not a new concept. Deepfakes (a combination of "deep learning" and "fake") are fake videos or audio recordings that look and sound just like the real thing.¹ It's been used in movies for decades- usually with expensive software and million dollar budgets. When actors die mid-filming or a current film is set in the past, deepfakes are useful in creating a believable scene. For example, in Star Wars: Rogue One, they brought back the character Grand Moff Tarkin from the original Star Wars. It's not uncommon for actors to have a cameo in sequels, except Tarkin's actor, Peter Cushing died in 1994. With some movie magic, and a stand-in actor, they were able to digitally recreate Grand Moff Tarkin for the 2016 film. This may be a cool concept for movie-goers and cinema nerds, but what happens if someone uses those same technologies to recreate you? 

"Deepfake video i…

How To Make Your Windows 10 Computer Look and Feel More Like Windows 7

Are you attached to your Windows 7 machine? Does the thought of upgrading your system to Windows 10 send chills down your spine? We get it, Windows 7 is familiar; it does its job without any flashy voice assistants or weird start menus. But your undying love for your computer may be putting you and your company at risk. As you may have heard, the timeline for support for 7 ends this coming January 2020. That means that after January, your computer will be left vulnerable to cyber attacks, failures and other maintenance tasks that won't be followed up with. 

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There's some good news though! There are hacks and customization options that can bring back the warm fuzzy feeling you get about Windows 7, but on a secure, properly maintained Windows 10 machine! You can thank us later.

Love your list start menu? You can download the classic version to get that back.

Not a fan of Cortanta- Microsoft's version of Siri or Alexa? You can h…

Everything You Need To Know About Ransomware

Chances are you've heard of ransomware before- it's been around for a while. Recently though, ransomware has branched out significantly. Since 2013 there has been a gradual increase in types, and by late 2016, the amount of ransomware seemed to explode, with 10+ new variants per month. This isn't surprising though. The ransomware business is a multi-billion dollar industry. 

I want you to reread that sentence. Ransomware is a BUSINESS. No longer is any kind of hacking one greasy 30 year old living in his moms basement. These are companies with many employees and an office building just like any other business. They have quotas, business plans for the quarter, and meetings just like your business does. Ransomware is even offered as a service with kits you can buy to send out your own ransomware.

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of malware or a virus that prevents users from accessing their systems or data until a sum of money is paid.¹ Typically, targets are home users…

3 Ways Managed Service Providers Can Save You Money

When determining the affordability and ROI of engaging with Managed IT Services Providers, small business owners often find themselves in a position of trying to balance a limited budget while making sure they have the proper tools to grow their business. It is a challenge many business owners face, in that they recognize the need for additional products or services that will allow their business to continue to thrive. However. funds may be in short supply to achieve these goals. .

Faced with this challenge, many small business owners are forced to make difficult decisions as to where they can afford to spend money to improve their business. One of the areas in which business owners are on the fence is whether or not hiring a managed services provider is something they can afford. In some cases the cost is not worth the benefits, however there are many situations where cutting costs will end up costing you more money in the long run.

 Here are a few reasons why managed service providers…

Capital One is the Next Victim of a Data Breach

Capital One has notified the public of a data breach affecting 100 million Americans and 1 million Canadians. This is the latest in what seems to be a never ending line of data breaches for large corporations. As per Capital One's press release on the breach, they are notifying people who's data was compromised as well as offering free credit monitoring.

[UPDATE 8/1/19 10:45 AM]

Analyst Betsy Graseck from Morgan Stanley has estimated that the breach could cost Capital One between $100 million to $500 million in U.S. fines alone, not including the fines and damages from the 1 million Canadian victims. It has also been speculated that the alleged hacker, Paige Thompson, is also behind additional breaches including Michigan State University, UniCredit SpA (Italy’s largest bank), and Ford Motor Co. All three companies are investigating the issues. The FBI arrested Paige Thompson on Monday.

It seems like every day there has been a new breach or hack- especially this year. Unfortunatel…

Is Your Boss Letting Hackers In?

Is your CEO unknowingly exposing the entire company to cyberattacks? While almost all security teams (92%) set out specific plans to help protect their CEO from cyberattacks and data breaches, 54% of security personnel believe their CEO is ignoring these plans.¹ If this is worrisome to you, either as the CTO of a company, an employee, or even the CEO in question, here are some ways you can ensure that you or your CEO can be compliant with the cybersecurity practices that are put in place.

Highlight the Risk

If your CEO doesn't see the risk in having a mediocre cybersecurity plan in place, you may need to reposition your argument. They need to understand cyber risk in the same way they understand financial risk, or health and safety risk.² It's common for C-level executives and board members to see cybersecurity and data breaches as an IT department issue, but in this age, a cyber attack affects the WHOLE company, not just the IT department. It's important to highlight how at…