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5 Cyber Security Tips to Follow While Traveling This Holiday

Everyday, and especially in recent months, you hear about big companies like Marriott, Dunkin Donuts, Google+, and more experiencing data breaches. While these breaches are bad, these companies have the funds and resources to recover without serious damage. What you don’t hear about are the millions of small businesses around the country and around the world also being attacked. These businesses on the other hand, don’t have the funds and resources to bounce back, and in most cases, they end up having to declare bankruptcy and close their doors. If you are one of the few whose business hasn’t been attacked yet (because it isn’t a matter of if, but when) you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of steps you can take to keep you, your business, and your devices secure while traveling this holiday season.

1.Patch and Update Your Devices Always make sure that your computer is patched and up to date with the most currently available operating system and application software. This one step alone…