Free Computer and Technology Recycling Solution in NJ for Charity

URC logoOur clients frequently ask us how and where they can recycle or donate old technology hardware – desktop computers, laptops, keyboards, printers, etc. – and our answer is Urban Renewal Corp. URC provides a technology recycling service with free pickup, AND your donation is tax deductible. Pickup is free for New Jersey and New York businesses if 10 or more pieces of equipment are being donated (with some desktops/laptops included). Urban Renewal performs Department of Defense (DoD) data wipes as soon as the computers arrive at their warehouse, so you don’t need to be concerned about security. URC recycles computers, servers, monitors, terminals, printers, keyboards, mice, mainframes, networking equipment, telecommunication equipment, phones, stereos, VCRs, DVD players, and flatscreens.

What is Urban Renewal Corp?

URC is a community based non-profit organization that has been providing a variety of essential social services to the homeless and economically disadvantaged in New Jersey since 1994. Through counseling, vocational education, and treatment, their vision evolved into a program that provides their clients with the opportunity to maintain their dignity and achieve self-sufficiency. Currently, URC maintains over 600 beds in 9 facilities servicing emergency, transitional, and permanent housing needs. URC provides emergency services, primary medical care, mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment and counseling, vocational education and job training.

URC Computer Training Center

According to DoSomething.org, electronic waste makes up only 2% of the municipal waste stream but contributes over 70% of the toxins in it. Wow. At URC, no waste is produced during the responsible management of used electronics. Products are de-manufactured and recycled, or refurbished for sale or donation. All proceeds go towards funding URC’s programs, including stipends for the Computer Training Center students. Urban Renewal’s Computer Training Center provides a 4 month training program for veterans and the homeless. Students are educated in computer literacy and computer refurbishing, rebuilding and recycling. Each program graduate leaves with a computer, which they personally rebuilt, and the knowledge and skills needed to successfully enter the workforce.

To Donate

“The generosity and commitment of just one individual can make a difference,” says URC's Marla Heller. Visit http://www.urbanrenewal.org/donate/ to schedule a pickup, or call 973-679-7457 or Marla at 201-784-0187. Once a contribution is made, upon request you will receive a letter of charitable donation for submission to the IRS for a tax deduction.

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