Avoid These CryptoLocker Email Subjects

Back in November 2013, we posted CryptoLocker: What It Is & How to Prevent It. Although we are well into 2014, this malware is still affecting our clients.

As explained in our previous post, CryptoLocker belongs to a particular strain of malware referred to as “ransomware.” Ransomware gets its name from the ransom it demands while holding your computer hostage. Cryptolocker asks for $300 in exchange for decrypting your files that it has locked down.

How does Cryptolocker get on my computer?


One Guy’s Opinion: MSPs and HIPAA Compliance

This post was originally featured on the StorageCraft Recovery Zone blog as part of One Guy’s Opinion,” where President Guy Baroan discusses the technology world through the lens of a successful IT managed service provider.

Photo Credit: Rosmary via Flickr

 It’s important for MSPs to understand what HIPAA compliance is, what they can do to be HIPAA compliant, and what might happen if they try to service clients in the medical field without being HIPAA compliant. Luckily, our friend Guy Baroan, expert MSP and owner of IT solutions provider Baroan Technologies, knows his way around HIPAA. Guy explained that a number of clients are medical practices with data that falls under HIPAA compliance standards, which means he’s got to have the necessary security and business practices in place to make sure these standards are met.

With that in mind, we chatted with Guy about how other MSPs can tackle clients in the medical field successfully, and without running into issues with auditing and fines.