Webinar: Want to Make Disaster Recovery Easy for Clients? Ask Them the Right Questions

President Guy Baroan was recently a guest on StorageCraft's webinar, Want to Make Disaster Recovery Easy for Clients? Ask Them the Right Questions. Guy discussed his experiences putting together disaster recovery plans for our clients with StorageCraft Technical Marketing Manager Steven Snyder.

Guy's Disaster Recovery Tips:

  • Know your objectives. Every business is different.
    • Recovery time objective: How long would it take to get back up and running?
    • Recovery point objective: At what point in the day is the information you have good up until?
  • Business owners have to fully realize what it means to be "down." How long can your company survive without access to its data? Without internet access?
  • 99% of businesses think their backup solution provides them with what they need. It's too late when they find out their disaster recovery is not what they thought it was.
  • Test out your disaster recovery plan, ideally once a quarter. No plan goes off without a hitch on the first go! Don't set yourself up for disaster during your first disaster.
  • Make hard copies. Business owners and their key personnel should have print outs of anything they would need in the event of a disaster - emergency contact information, details about your disaster recovery plan, etc.

Want to learn more about disaster recovery?

Guy co-wrote the latest StorageCraft ebook, Making Disaster Recovery Easy, which provides a deeper look at how asking questions can help you create solid documentation and easy-to-use disaster plans.

Making Disaster Recovery Easy (5.0 MiB)

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