Email's Secret Life

“Why does my email take so long?”

“Where is my email and why can’t you find it?”

These are questions that we often hear from our clients, and we do not always have a simple answer. It is easy to take email, and technology in general, for granted these days. We heavily rely on it not only for business, but more than ever in our daily lives. Email may not seem that complex on the surface – first you type a message, then you hit send and the recipient gets the message instantly in their inbox – but there is much more to your email’s journey than meets the eye....


There are often so many layers that an email must traverse to reach its destination that it’s a wonder it even makes it! There are spam filters, blacklists, whitelists, firewalls, junk filters, virus filters, attachment size limits…the list is never ending. Plus, all those barriers are doubled if both the sender and the recipient have all that technology in place.

Next time you hit send, remember: it’s not like 2 cans connected by a string…it’s like a ball of yarn with 20 different cans connected to each other.

photo credit: madelinetosh via photopin cc

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