Latest Malware and Preventative Steps

We have noticed a recent increase in malware-related calls from our clients. It’s easy to click on a link or open an email that can infect your computer since malware creators are continually inventing new and convincing ways to get your attention. The following instances of malware are the ones we’ve seen most frequently as of late:

  • USPS scam email – This one has been around for a few years and keeps resurfacing with different subjects. It may say something about a tracking number, notification, or delivery failure then tell you to click on a link. Do not click on the link!
  • UPS scam email – This is another one that has been around. The subject may say your package is available for pickup or mention a delivery failure.
  • LogMeIn scam email – We actually received this one ourselves (see screenshot below). Again, it asks you to click on a link. Don’t do it! It will make your computer vulnerable to infection.

  • FBI Moneypak Ransomware – Several of our clients have encountered this recently after clicking on internet ads/popups. This “ransomware” will lock up your screen with an FBI logo and ask for money. (This Forbes article has further info: http://onforb.es/113tVG0)

To avoid malware, take these steps BEFORE you click:
  • Think. Have you ever received an email like this before? Do you know the sender? In the case of the USPS scam, have you actually shipped anything recently?
  • Hover over the link. If you hover over the link, you can see the address it will take you to. For an example, see the screenshot of the LogMeIn email below. When you hover over the link that claims to be new terms and conditions, you can see it will definitely not be taking you to the LogMeIn site. Instead, it will take you to a zip file that will then infect your computer.
  • And if you’re still not sure…Google! If you’re still having a hard time discerning if an email or site is harmful, a quick Google search will usually tell you the answer. For example, if you Google “USPS email,” on the first page of search results you will see several articles warning against fake USPS emails.

You may be reading this and thinking, “I don’t have time for all this!” These quick checks will soon become second nature to you when encountering suspicious content and it will be become easier to separate the scams from the rest. Just think of how much time you will lose if your computer does become infected. It is worth it to take these precautions.

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  1. I see a scam going on with some of my potential client tricks. They're tracking me, and asking me for money using fake email accounts.