Unable to Login to Website During Remote Session

We recently came across this issue with one of our clients. The client was at a friend's office borrowing a workstation. From this workstation, he used LogMeIn to remotely access his workstation at his own office. From this remote session he attempted to visit his bank’s website. When he tried to go to the website, it reported that he needed their security software, and after that it refused to allow a login.

red lock buttonCause: The bank’s security software not only detected her remote session, but our tech's remote session as well while troubleshooting, and did not allow any logins to the website while all these remote control tools (possible attacks/malware/hacks) were in effect. 

Solution: When the client returned to his own office the next morning and tried to login to the bank site again from the same workstation, just not using a remote session this time, he was able to login.

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