Gmail downloading Request file

We recently came across this issue with one of our clients. The user's Gmail kept trying to download a file called "Request." Below is a description of the issue and the fix found on http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/gmail/yOi252z3HYc/mpw9VXQut0QJ

User is getting multiple downloads for a file named ‘Request’
Google trying to download the file named “request” every time the user clicked in the search field while logged into Gmail/Google
This was caused by a recent Microsoft Update.

On the Gmail site, click on the gear in the upper right hand corner of the page; Go to Settings/General and choose "Always use https"- and DON'T forget to save changes at the bottom of the page. Then update your bookmark/favorite/shortcut to the URL "https://mail.google.com" instead of "www.gmail.com" or whatever.

By logging into Gmail using a secure site, this issue stopped happening.

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