Cozi App - The Family Organizer

One of our techs (who recently became a father!) brought this great site to our attention. Co-founded by former Microsoft employees, Cozi provides the perfect organization solution for the modern day family that's always on the go. And...it's free!

Why do families use Cozi? "Cozi makes managing day-to-day activities easier with a centralized, online calendar, shopping lists, to do lists and a family journal everyone in the family can access and share."

Cozi can be used with other calendars (like Google) and they offer a mobile app so you can stay easily stay updated. Families can setup automated emails for reminders or weekly schedule updates.

Cozi has garnered positive reviews from Better Homes and Gardens, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal, to name a few. Sounds like it's worth a test run! Let us know if you give Cozi a try (or if you recommend it to one of those families whose calendar has taken over their refrigerator).

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