Phishing Scam: "Looks like someone broke into your Facebook"

One of our help desk techs recently came across this scam when helping a client with an email issue. This email found in the inbox was the cause of the issue. It does not look like a typical phishing scam since it is written in a casual manner that makes it seem as if it was sent from an actual person. The email claims that your Facebook account has been hacked.

The subject is "Looks like someone broke into your facebook!" and the zip attachment is a virus. The body of the email can say a variety of things, as we found that some people received the message: "Hi there ______, What's with your facebook??? Very strange stuff on your profile page, I made a screenshot, see attachment. Is is you or someone stole your account??" (http://security.buffalo.edu/node/3555). The email sent to our client said, "Hi there _______________, Can you please stop spamming me with this BS? I get twenty emails like this from you per day, check attachment to see the stuff you send me."

If you receive an email like this, do not open it and definitely do not open the attachment.


Cozi App - The Family Organizer

One of our techs (who recently became a father!) brought this great site to our attention. Co-founded by former Microsoft employees, Cozi provides the perfect organization solution for the modern day family that's always on the go. And...it's free!

Why do families use Cozi? "Cozi makes managing day-to-day activities easier with a centralized, online calendar, shopping lists, to do lists and a family journal everyone in the family can access and share."

Cozi can be used with other calendars (like Google) and they offer a mobile app so you can stay easily stay updated. Families can setup automated emails for reminders or weekly schedule updates.

Cozi has garnered positive reviews from Better Homes and Gardens, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal, to name a few. Sounds like it's worth a test run! Let us know if you give Cozi a try (or if you recommend it to one of those families whose calendar has taken over their refrigerator).


Do you have the right backup strategy in place?

When choosing the type of backup strategy to setup for your office, are you asking the right questions? Do you take into account Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)? For instance, with regards to RTO, have you asked yourself the following: If I had a complete failure of my servers and access to data, how long can I be down without affecting my business? Whatever your answer is, that is your RTO.

The other question to consider: Say your current backup takes place at 11pm every night, and you come into the office the next morning then at 2pm the server crashes on you. What happens to the data that took place from the time you got to the office in the morning to the time the server crashed, how easy is it for you to recreate it? This data will not have been backed up because the most recent backup took place at 11pm. You have to consider how long can you go in your day where you are not able to recreate the entries. 1 hour? 2 hours? 8 hours? Whatever your answer is, that is your Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

Now having this information in hand, you need to compare what your objectives are to what you have in place. If you have a tape backup in place, your RTO is most likely from 1 day to 5 days and your RPO is from 8 hours to 24 hours. If your business can stand being down that long and your employees can stand not doing work for that long, you have the right solution in place. If however, you are like most businesses today, this is not realistic. Your RTO and RPO are much smaller.

Fortunately, today there are solutions that you can implement that will NOT break the bank and give you a 2 hour RTO and RPO. The technology I am referring to is snapshots. The newest options for backup now include the capability to take a snapshot of the full hard drives and allow you to fully recover to dissimilar hardware in a very short time. If you need a shorter recovery time, there are other options that are available; however, the shorter the RTO and RPO, the higher the costs start to get.

"I come in tomorrow morning to find that my systems are down, now what? Who do I call and how long will it take me to get my systems back up?" This situation is a very real possibility that may even have happened to you already. Are you prepared with the backup strategy you need? - If the answer is not a definitive yes, contact us to change that.

(This has been a President Post by Guy Baroan)


IE Tab Extension: Because sometimes you need Internet Explorer

Are you in love with Firefox or Google Chrome but some websites render better in Internet Explorer? Are you missing out on ActiveX controls that are designed to work only under Internet Explorer?

Well, you are not alone. Google Chrome, one of our browsers of choice, does not support Active X, so we went searching to see how we could get the best of both worlds. Enter IETab: http://www.ietab.net/home

What Is IE Tab?
IE Tab for Chrome (and IE Tab 2 for Firefox) is a browser extension that allows you to use Internet Explorer to display web pages in a tab.

This is useful in many cases where a web page requires Internet Explorer features and very convenient because you do not have to exit your non-IE browser. Here are some of the many uses for IE Tab:
  • Display web pages that require ActiveX controls.
  • Test web pages with IE's rendering engine.
  • Use Windows Explorer view to browse the local file system, with full Explorer support for icons, right-click menus, etc.
  • Use Outlook Web Access.
  • Use IE-only SharePoint features.

IE Tab also has useful features such as:
  • Auto URLs - Allows you to specify which URLs should always be loaded with IE Tab.
  • Bookmarks - Set up IE Tab bookmarks which will automatically load a page in IE Tab.
  • IE Configuration - Full support for IE Configuration options directly from within IE Tab

The best thing about this plug-in: It is free!