BPOS to Office 365 Migration Guide: 10 Ways to Ease Your Transition

When will the BPOS to Office 365 migration take place? 

According to Microsoft, you can check if your BPOS account is being migrated to Office 365 by logging into your account and there should be notice indicating when it will happen for that particular account on the landing page. We tested this for a couple of our accounts and there were no dates posted as of yet.

We then contacted Microsoft to see if they could find out the migration dates using our partner ID. At this point, they said Microsoft does not have all the information, but here are some things to keep in mind...

10 Ways to Ease Your Transition from BPOS to Office 365:

  1. Change the administrator account password about 1 week before the scheduled migration date as posted on the account or the email that will be sent out to the technical contact in the account.
    1. This will trigger account/password sync from the BPOS to the Office 365 portal. You MUST change the password for the admin account, otherwise you will not be able to login.
  2. MS Outlook 2003 is NOT supported. Outlook 2007 SP2 and higher are supported. Also, IE6 is not supported for OWA (if upgrading MS Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010 on Windows XP SP3 is required).
  3. As soon as you have the migration date setup, create a CNAME record pointing to autodiscover.outlook.com, i.e. Autodiscover.yourdomain.com CNAME to autodiscover.outlook.com.
  4. Microsoft will migrate all accounts and data for all mailboxes. The Microsoft rep indicated that all users MUST also change the passwords before they can use the new 365 at the time of the migration or right before the migration (1-2 days before the scheduled date).
  5. Once you have been migrated, review the DOMAINS under 365; this will give you your new MX records, note that “mail.frontbridge.xx” currently used for BPOS will continue to work since this is going through FOSE (forefront online) but they don’t know for how long.
    1. Also, adjust your domain use settings (SharePoint, Lync, Outlook, etc), this will give you your new MX/CNAME/SRV records.
  6. After the migration, make sure to review the mailbox permissions and email forwarding, since some may have gotten reset during the transition.
  7. Watch for any autocomplete (nk2) issues after the migration.
  8. Before the users can use MS Outlook, you may have to update the local desktops with the latest version of the MS O365 client software.
  9. OWA for office 365 is under https://mail.office365.com.
  10. Regarding mobile devices:
    1. You may have to wipe Blackberry devices to add them to the new Blackberry service under 365. Make sure the end user has a backup of the device.
    2. Other mobile devices may have to be reconfigured; you can use the autodiscover settings to alleviate this issue.
We hope this information helps your migration go smoothly! Contact us about our Office 365 migration services.


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