Leveraging QuickBooks' API to integrate with Baroan Technologies' Ticketing Software

For over five years, Baroan Technologies has been using a custom-written software to track all of our help desk tickets and on-site worksheets. For several years we had an employee manually enter each billable help desk call into QuickBooks (small business accounting software) for Invoicing. Now, using the built-in functionality of QuickBooks, the QuickBooks Web Connector, and their well-documented API, we are able to cut the work that used to take several hours each day into a single click that takes less than a minute to run.

We are constantly sharpening our own day-to-day systems by customizing the programs we utilize and integrating new software when we reach a plateau. Why not let us see what we can do to make your daily operations smoother? Contact us.

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  1. The problem with Quickbooks is that it can only handle a limited amount of transactions at a given time. It is not designed for large volumes, like 50K a day. That is why for small businesses to flourish, they need more than just a suitable accounting packages tailored for their needs.