How “The Cloud” helps with Disaster Recovery

If you would like some background on “The Cloud,” check out our previous post. At Baroan Technologies, we have partnered with multiple 3rd party cloud vendors to offer the best possible solutions in the case of a disaster, which could be due to a server crash or total site failure.

One of the products that we resell is a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) server. The BDR allows us to have an onsite image based copy of your server(s). In the case of a single server failure, the BDR allows us to use that virtual image to turn on a virtual copy of the server to allow you to get back to business while the issue with the server is corrected.

An additional feature of the BDR is its offsite capability. After creating the initial backup, we send it off to our cloud provider and as more backups are taken, they are sent offsite via the internet to the cloud. In the case of a complete site failure, the cloud provider allows us to turn the online backup images on as virtual servers so you can start working even when your site is down. 

Does this sound like a good solution for your business? For more information and a visual of how the BDR works, our disaster recovery page or contact us.

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