Using VMware and vRanger to keep business going when the lights go out

VMware leads the industry when it comes to virtualization. Its Quest vRanger Pro is one of the best in Image-Based Backup, Replication and Recovery. At Baroan Technologies, we use VMware to consolidate the number of Windows servers we can run on as little physical hardware as possible. We also use vRanger’s replication feature to send copies of our virtual servers to a disaster recovery site.

The 2011 Halloween nor'easter that caused power outages all over the Tri-State area was a wake up call for many who were caught without a disaster recovery plan in place. One of the towns that lost power was Elmwood Park, which is where Baroan Technologies is located. 
That Sunday, when it became apparent that power would not be restored by the beginning of business hours on Monday that week, we connected to our disaster recovery site and started the Windows Servers we would need for business operations. Less than 2 hours later, Baroan was completely ready for business, including a fully functioning phone system complete with call forwarding and extensions (courtesy of Altigen). After distributing the access information to the rest of the Baroan team, we were able to start working Monday morning with little delay.

What was the "wake up call" that your company needed a new disaster recovery plan? Hurricane Irene? The nor'easter? Maybe you were lucky and your business emerged from 2011 unscathed. No one likes being caught off guard, why wait for your company to be unable to operate to take action? See what you can do to plan ahead for disaster recovery.

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