Microsoft Updating SharePoint Online to Service Update 1

SharePoint Online (part of Office 365) has the ability to allow external users access to the site via Microsoft Live ID.

While attempting to accept the email invitation, we encountered the following error:
After doing a bit of research (and contacting technical support) we discovered Microsoft is deploying Service Update 1 to SharePoint Online. It appears Service Update 1 will include a number of enhancements to SharePoint but is causing issues with Windows Live ID login at the moment.


How Baroan helped an Advertising Firm Collaborate with SharePoint Online 2010

Baroan Technologies recently worked with a 20-user advertising firm that was tired of using email as a document management system. Employees were having difficulty keeping track of document versions, Outlook inboxes were ballooning in size, and true collaboration was nearly non-existent.

Baroan turned to SharePoint 2010 Online as the answer. SharePoint Online was chosen to decrease ongoing maintenance costs and allow for greater availability.

Baroan leveraged the built-in Document Management capabilities of SharePoint by utilizing check-in, check-out, and versioning. Employees can now keep track of the latest revision without searching their inbox.

SharePoint Document Sets act as advanced folders that provide meta-data inheritance. Now, all documents are automatically tagged with the correct meta-data.

SharePoint search allows for easier document retrieval. Fumbling through the Outlook inbox is a thing of the past.

Clients can also access a separate, secure area of the site by using Microsoft Live IDs.

SharePoint 2010 online allowed this firm to work on documents more effectively and collaborate with clients while avoiding the hassles of emailing documents. All client-related work is now in a central, searchable repository rather than 20 separate Outlook inboxes and assorted file shares.

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